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We unite people who live out of the area or simply don’t want to be bothered in all of the daily management hassles with local experienced property managers. 

Our purpose is to make owning a rental property a reality for those who have investment properties or who have been unable to sell their homes. We accomplish this by successfully educating our clients, providing a full menu of services, purposefully and respectfully working with others in the Real Estate process, creatively approaching challenges, while managing details, costs and time lines to reach a positive outcome for everyone. We offer real solutions, we honor our client’s expectations and make every effort to exceed them. We believe that dreams can become reality and that it is our responsibility to facilitate that process in a professional and meaningful way.


Professional, Prompt and Courteous Service

·         We are a group of LDS Property managers throughout the United States, Canadian and a few other countries.  We strive to provide each of our clients and their tenants with professional, prompt, and courteous service.  Each of our licensed Property Managers treats all clients and tenants with respect and dignity.

Prepare Your Property to be Rented

·         Your Property Manager will meet with you to evaluate your property and make recommendations to prepare your property to obtain the optimal monthly rental amount.

·         Your Property Manager will coordinate the completion of any maintenance or repair items you have approved using a network of qualified vendors to ensure all work is completed correctly and at the agreed upon price.

Determine the Optimal Monthly Rental Amount

·         Your Property Manager will do a market analysis to determine the optimal monthly rental amount for your property utilizing a wide range of professional resources.

Design a Targeted Marketing Program

·         Your Property Manager will meet with you to design a targeted marketing program to rent your property as quickly as possible.

·         Your Property Manager will execute your targeted marking program utilizing the Internet, local Multiple Listing Service, local newspapers, circulars, and property signs.

·         Your Property Manager will promptly pursue all leads and inquiries and schedule showings of your property during the week, evenings, and weekends.

Thorough Screening of Applicants

  • Your Property Manager will thoroughly review each prospective tenant's rental and credit history, including prior evictions.
  • Your Property Manager will verify your new tenant's current employment and stated income.
  • Your Property Manager will contact your new tenant's previous landlord(s) to verify payment history and care of property.
  • Your Property Manager will discuss the results of the screening process with you and make our recommendation.

Coordinate Move-In of New Tenant

·         Your Property Manager will collect the first month's rent and security deposit in the form of a cashier's check prior to your tenant's move-in.

·         Your Property Manager will prepare all rental and lease agreements utilizing the local approved forms.

·         Your Property Manager will meet with your new tenant and ensure all agreements have been properly executed prior to his or her move-in.

·         Your Property Manager will document your property's condition utilizing digital photography prior to your new tenant's move-in.

·         Your Property Manager will have your tenant complete and sign a “Statement of Condition” report verifying the condition of the property at the time of his or her move-in.

·         Your Property Manager will instruct your tenant regarding rental payment terms and required property maintenance.


Prompt Rental Receipt Collections and Disbursements

·         Your Property Manager will promptly collect your rental income from your tenant at the beginning of each month.

·         Your Property Manager will disburse the rental proceeds in the manner instructed by you on a monthly basis.

·         Your Property Manager will serve three day notices to “Pay Rent or Quit” if rent has not been paid by the fifth day of each month.

·         Your Property Manager will coordinate the start of unlawful detainer action to evict your tenant in the event the rent is not paid.

Payment of Your Monthly Expenses

  • Your Property Manager will pay all reoccurring monthly expenses on your behalf such as:

-  Mortgage
-  Property Taxes
-  Insurance

-  Home Owner's Association Dues

-  Utilities

-  Gardening and Pool Services

Detailed Monthly Accounting Reports

·         Your Property Manager will provide you with monthly itemized statements showing income and expenses related to your property.

·         Your Property Manager will provide you a year-end accounting summary of your account and 1099s.

Complete Property Maintenance Services

·         Your Property Manager will provide you with 24-hour emergency repair services.

·         Your Property Manager will minimize the cost of repairs and maintenance using our a local network of contractors, vendors, and handymen.

·         Your Property Manager will coordinate property reconditioning, including painting, window coverings, new carpet, and carpet cleaning.

·         Your Property Manager will arrange for any necessary services such as utilities, gardening, and pool service.




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